To get more clients, get Kingsley. We will make ​your website more profitable.

Most websites have a home page, about us, contact and general info; however, if your website doesn't have the features listed below, then you'll never be getting as many clients as you should be.


​Landing pages

​Landing pages are different from home pages and are specifically created for ​one goal: to convert your visitors into clients via razor targeted call to actions. ​Landing pages are uniquely designed with a main call to action; limited ​or no navigation; ​strong headline​s; relevant hero images;​​ as well as a different landing page for each objective or advert.



Are ​the visitors to your site becoming your customers or are they forgetting about you as soon as they close the browser? ​It's especially relevant to remind your customers ​why you​'re the best. Therefore follow them with targeted adverts once they leave your website. ​After all, when they close the browser, it ​shouldn't mean that you've lost them forever.

​Experts are predicting that in a few years time, most if not all of online display advertising will probably be retargeting advertising. ​Done correctly, this method can have an effectiveness of 400% your return on ad spend. 


​Analytics, heat maps & A/B testing

​Can you see why your visitors are leaving your site ​and where? ​How about the important info that they are ​looking for? As a result you will be in the dark as to what is happening on your site. Finally, heat maps ​offer an incredible way to see exactly what is working and what's not. ​Most of all, these should be backed up by analytics ​and A/B split testing to work your site until it is giving you the results you need.


​Email marketing

​The best way to build up a relationship with your visitors is via email, in addition, 91% of people still check their email. ​Furthermore you will always have an opportunity to put your message in front of people via email. With strategic email marketing you can grow your relationship with your clients until they are ready to buy from you.


​Combination of all these elements

​Here's where get Kingsley comes in. ​Because we give you all of these tools in one complete easy-to-use package - you will have a massive advantage over your competitors. Get a free website review today and we will get back to you with recommendations in order to get you more clients.

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